Nicole Moan

Does that belong on a person or in a display case? 

It’s All Black and White

Truman Capote threw lavish masquerade ball at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in honor of Katherine Graham, publisher of The Washington Post Nov. 28, 1966. More than 60 years later, that evening has inspired many festive engagements, and in this case, it is for a good cause. Since 2017, Lonnie Green and Anita Crites Milam have hosted Oklahoma…

Our Style Issue is Unique

While many look to the highly anticipated September issue for the latest in fashion and trends, we took a different approach with high hopes that you will love it! My personal style includes classic watches, fine writing instruments and carefully crafted cocktails. Julia McLish, owner of Barkeep in Midtown, let us in for a few hours … Continued

Reconstruction, Not Destruction

Sarah and Andi Bytyqi had worked together in real estate and renovation in the past when they came across a home in 2015 that most investors would consider unsavable. Many would even argue their case for permission to demolish the house and start over, rather than put in the effort to renovate it. 

September 2019 Around Town

Volunteer with the Homeless Alliance How You Can Help Volunteer The Homeless Alliance has a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year. We dedicate this space to highlighting two ways to help. Gas Gift Certificates or 30-Day Bus Passes Transportation is a huge barrier for the families served by the Homeless Alliance. Families have very little or … Continued

Verbode Urbancore Artists “Exhibit 2”

Verbode Urban Core Artists is an artist-run curatorial and event collaborative founded in 2016 by Verbode Real Estate owner Sarah Bytyqi and artist Christie Owen in Oklahoma City. Verbode provides Christie with a showroom for the year and hosts quarterly openings. The current featured artists will be on display until Sept. 13. 415 N. Broadway, Suite 101 … Continued

Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy “Heroes Ball”

The Third Annual OICA Heroes Ball was held July 26 at the Skirvin Hilton. Children and adults alike gathered to recognize those in our state who go the extra distance for our children, as well as rub shoulders with some favorite superheroes.

Backstage with Oklahoma Shakespeare

Since 1985, Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park has been entertaining Oklahomans with their fresh interpretations on Shakespearean classics from outdoor stages in Edmond and Oklahoma City. They now have a new home in their indoor theater in the Paseo Arts District. Today, the company is headed up by co-founder and artistic director Kathryn McGill and managing director Tyler Woods. Kathryn and Tyler also…

Stylish Cocktails

During her years of working as a bartender and cocktail consultant in Oklahoma City, Julia McLish noticed that it was difficult to find specialty cocktail supplies locally. In 2018, she opened Barkeep, with the intent of providing cocktail tools, ingredients, drinkware and accessories to both professionals and home cocktail enthusiasts alike. There is also a full bar, so you can enjoy a…

Trend Setting: Custom Suits

 1. Layering and Bold Patterns  Wear a suit because you feel good in it; use the opportunity to showcase style. As temperatures drop, layering becomes second nature.  Wear this suit as a three-piece, wear a vest on its own or mix a vest with other fabrics to extend your wardrobe options. We are trending trend toward a modern take on retro looks—a new vision of classic…