Happy Healthy 2020

Love it or hate it, we’ve left last year behind and here we are, piercing 2020. Out with the old, in with the new, right? That’s not always a breeze where our health is concerned because trading chocolate for carrot sticks may not make you happier—right away, anyway. Our quests to reach health nirvana may … Continued


Winter—bountiful bliss for some, abominable bane for others. Since winter is the harbinger of holiday happiness, you may as well resign yourself to both the fluff and slush of it. Just remember to give yourself a snow day for a little self-care amidst the chaos. Disregard the weather’s discomfort with itself and take in the … Continued


Mercy, grace, gratitude. These are intangible concepts that most of us need to have more of in our lives. When schedules get hectic and life demands everything of us, discounting the basic sense of decency that quietly surrounds us is easy to do. A warm bed, a roof over our heads or the smile of … Continued

The Gift of Cuisine

The fabulous feeling of fall is here, and it’s in all places. It’s in the sun-kissed orange and yellow leaves that take their time floating wistfully to the ground. It’s in the red cable knit sweater you grab on the way out the door to the football game. It’s certainly in the plethora of pumpkin-spiced … Continued

In the Spirit of Style

Not just a diamond in the rough anymore, Castle Rock has risen up through the trusted dust of the rhyolite foundation to shine like the gorgeous gem it is. Our way of life, our education system, our tight-knit community and our mission to improve upon our collective masterpiece point to a style branded by the strength … Continued

Tradition’s Tribute

August. The bittersweet month of summer where the school bells ring and the trappings of routine return. Make no mistake—the dog days of summer are upon us, the pools are still open and the fair is in town. Life is good. Whether you’re in the market for a corn dog, gourmet sandwich or a little … Continued

The Jubilance of July

Reminiscent of hot dogs, watermelon and suntan lotion, July is the month we’ve waited for all year. The harbinger of the second half of 2019, July begets beer, barbecues and plenty of opportunities to wear the new shades you won’t lose until August. Amidst the fireworks and family reunions, this month yields a 50-gun salute as … Continued

For Him

This month we recognize the gentlemen in our lives. Our grandfathers, fathers, husbands and sons—all of the fellows who carry the light, regardless of blood. We acknowledge your underlying presence of solidity that repairs the holes torn by life and grants us often-undeserved grace. And to those who took the pact of paternity: Happy Father’s … Continued

Lauding the Lass

This May we celebrate the ladies in our lives: the ones who savor the sparkle and the ones who prefer the pragmatic; the ones who soften our transgressions and the ones who push them to the forefront; the ones who meld into the background and the ones who step up when contention is considered by no … Continued

A Tribute

Today, I welcome you with open arms to the inaugural issue of Castle Rock Lifestyle, a publication dedicated to the ingenuity and splendor that is Castle Rock. A tapestry of historic grit, prosperity and brilliance, Castle Rock has evolved from a tract dotted with clapboard homes to a thriving, affluent community. The landmark structures, erected … Continued