Chairlift Chats

Being born and raised in Colorado has allowed me to be close to our state’s majestic mountains. It has also afforded me the opportunity for plenty of chairlift chats, which have granted me a grateful, thankful heart. A chairlift chat is the valuable time you spend talking with your family, friends and fellow strangers while riding the chairlift to the…

The Millennial Twin ‘Mom-spiration’

Confident. Smart. Beautiful. It should more than suffice, right? These are attributes most of us crave, but the veritable reality is that most of these traits weren’t generously meted out amongst us. But Chana Bennett-Rumley indubitably won the lottery. She has worked diligently to grow as a person across her lifetime, she has shed blood, sweat and tears to earn…

Gifting Happiness

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” ― Maya Angelou

Confessions of the Chef

 Name: Chef Kurt Eichenberger  Restaurant: Fleming’s Steakhouse  Confession:

Castle Rock Campfire Cup

Sweet, satisfying, soothing—a steamy, spirited spin on classic apple cider, this is the tasty toddy you’ll find in the cups of our residents during this season’s beautifully brisk autumn and frosty winter months here in Castle Rock. Fashioned from the gorgeous gifts bestowed by mother nature and graced by Aces High Cinnamon Whiskey from our friends at Mystic Mountain Distillery in…

Pure ‘Pear-fection’

 Serves: 4  Prep Time: 80 minutes  Ingredients

Ode to Cuba

“This is an invitation to experience traditional Cuban comfort food in all its sumptuous vibrance.”

The Superwomen of Style

These women rock their respective repertoires, and they do it with Castle Rock style.

The Beauty of Giving Back

 Stacey James Institute wants to change the old beauty-school stigma.  When Stacey James opened Stacey James Salon and Spa in Parker more than 10 years ago, she found it difficult to hire stylists who had the technical and creative skills required for today’s beauty industry. Stacey saw a need and decided to fill it. Soon after opening her salon, she…

Create a Space to Cherish

Many of us grew up seeing our mothers, aunts and grandmothers sitting at their vanities. ...  There is just something so feminine and grown-up about a vanity.