The Sugar Sisters Prove that Happiness and Luscious, Sweet Treats Go Hand in Hand

“Hey Debbie Downer, don’t even ask. These beauties are the BEST DESSERTS in Colorado! Our sweets taste SO GOOD because they contain COLOSSAL amounts of butter, sugar and other REAL ingredients. That means they’re not low-fat, low-calorie or low-anything and that’s why COLORADO LOVES US. You want nutrition… eat lettuce.”

If you’ve had the honor of the Sugar Sisters experience, you’ve likely noticed this message gracing the box housing the dainties you so carefully coddled to the car. Make no mistake—while they lovingly provide gluten- and dairy-free options, their majestic mainstay is a true sugar and butter reality that translates to tremendous taste.  

That’s right—heaven’s wares are here, laid out in rows of fudgy fantastics and perfectly pink cake. Whether you’re dazzled by the happy hues of a Groovy Zoo Cookie Layer Slice or lean toward the sinful solidity of a Salted Caramel Killer Stuffed Brownie, Bekah and Molly craft a confection for you.

Soul sisters in the wiles of sugar, Rebekah Lydon and Molly Witt conjured their colorful concept while staring at the clouds of possibility during the long wait for their second audition of The Amazing Race. Their zany union in fast friendship is evident upon your first visit to their thought-provoking carbohydrate haven, and testament to their commitment to quality and community.

The kindness of the Sugar Sisters is on par with their tremendous treat talents, with the bakery being the first retail business to partner with Facing Homelessness Denver, granting their guests the opportunity to round-up their purchase up to the nearest dollar. Despite the initial shakiness a new business can bring, these great gals match all round-up donations, presenting FHD with two checks every month.

So tuck a cookie in cheek and tote some sweets home. Let them eat cake.






 Grab and Go!

 – $29.99 Naked Style Cakes

 – Cake by the Slice

 – Stuffed Brownies

 – Little Man Ice Cream

 – Custom Cakes & Cupcakes

 – Cupcakes

 – Cookies

 ● 34 East Allen Street, No. 300, Castle Rock


 ● Instagram @sugarsistersbakeryco

 ● Facebook @sugarsistersbakery


 ● 303.688.CAKE