Castle Rock’s Orenda MedSpa Proudly Puts Forth the Treatment that Will Revamp Your Skin

Orenda is the only medspa in Douglas County to offer the award-winning, Lumecca IPL laser treatment. 


If your dry, ashy skin calls for a winter reboot, the perfect remedy beckons from inside Orenda MedSpa. This newly established and exquisitely comfy medical spa in historic downtown Castle Rock is the culmination of years of property prospecting by registered nurse and proven provider Molly DeVries. Giving polish to the outermost beauty to match the beauty they recognize within, this esteemed, woman-owned business proudly pedestals their clients—just as they deserve.

The truly exciting news is that this skin resort offers something no other medspa in Douglas County can yet offer—the award-winning, top-of-line Lumecca IPL laser treatment by InMode. Hailed by Elle magazine and countless clients who have enjoyed this state-of-the-art therapy, this Intense Pulse Light device comfortably treats sun damage, age spots, broken blood vessels, freckles and rosacea in about an hour, with no downtime.

Dermaplaning is next up in the reboot, as skin greatly benefits from it within 4-7 days after the IPL treatment. This procedure removes facial hair and the dead skin prompted by the laser application, exfoliating the skin for a soft, glowing result to start 2020.  

The Vitamin Cocktail Trio is the perfect bedfellow to these skin-changing procedures, especially after the over-indulgent nature of the holidays. A marvelous marriage of MIC Lipo, Vitamin B12 and the antioxidant Glutathione, this injection works to increase energy and metabolism, burn fat, enhance mental clarity, promote better sleep and protect against the effects of free radicals and stress.

Vastly improved skin awaits—without a doubt.










InMode Lumecca IPL

Award-winning laser treatment that targets sun damage, broken blood vessels, freckles and rosacea 


Vitamin Cocktail Trio 

Burns fat, enhances mental clarity and mood, increases energy and metabolism, and fights free radicals



Removes hair and dead skin for a brighter, glowing face and flawless makeup application