Founder of Denver’s Facing Homelessness Chapter Amber Dinh Goes the Extra Mile for Those in Need

Every wondrous once in a while, you meet someone you like right off the bat—someone who radiates immediate comfort and acceptance. Someone who speaks with such purity of message that you’re prompted to absorb the realities before you in a different light. Someone whose genuine spirit makes you want to join in their endeavors to right a wrong that really has nothing to do with you. That someone is likely to be Amber Dinh, evening and weekend warrior for Facing Homelessness Denver.

The handsome habit of putting others before herself is interwoven in Amber’s nature, as she was infinitely influenced while growing up by her father’s notable work with homeless communities in Texas. She witnessed nothing short of pure love in action broadcast toward people down on their luck, regardless of the reason. When times were tough, as they always are when the necessities of humanity are constant, his static answer of “God will provide” always rang true. And it still does.

Her faith in God has seen her through many breaking times in her life, including her daughter’s bout with cancer. She also has an unwavering belief in the humanity routinely ignored without thought by so many of us—the unhoused population. Once in dire need herself, the homeless community supported by her father’s efforts rallied around her, panhandling for the first and last month’s rent for an apartment for her. This show of love from people whose genuine need for the money they gave without complaint sealed her fate—she would present love to all people around her for the eternity of her being and she would go out of her way to do it.

Amber, an absolute ray of sunshine on even the sunniest day, isn’t one to merely mete out the hard-and-fast facts of homelessness to fill the deflated coffers of need. Her approach comes from the authenticity of kindness. When she says, “What may I do for you?” she means it. No matter what they look like, Amber wants to see all beings prosper simply because humans deserve it. She also wants us to truly “see” the people we consistently ignore, the ones sleeping on the sidewalk or holding signs begging for assistance. They are beautifully human just as we are. She suggests you start by just saying, “Hello,” because everyone craves the feeling of normalcy. Amber believes this is the most vital part. 

She also holds overflowing gratitude for the hard-working Castle Rock community that gives of themselves and their businesses so that she may give to others. Working a full-time job in addition to everything she does for her foundation, Amber recognizes the crazy blessing in what she sees as the world’s greatest pay-it-forward. 

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