Dillon Wilson Awarded Eagle Scout Rank with Challenger Flag Present

Dillon Wilson of Troop 261 in Castle Rock was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout in a Court of Honor Ceremony on Nov. 2 at New Hope Presbyterian Church. This memorable event was made even more special by the honor of hosting the Challenger Flag, which was on board the Space Shuttle Challenger that exploded upon takeoff in 1986. Upon the shuttle’s recovery from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, the flag was found completely unharmed. This precious flag can only be handled with gloves and by an Eagle Scout.

Castle Rock Author Inducted into Colorado Authors Hall of Fame

Mary Taylor Young of Castle Rock was recently honored with her induction into the first hall of fame for authors in the United States. On Sept. 14, this esteemed naturalist and historian, along with 20 others, was welcomed into the inaugural class of the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame. A Castle Rock resident since 2001, she was also the recipient of a 2018 Frank Waters Award and has written 18 books on the landscape, heritage and natural communities of the American West.  


Homer is Lucky Number 5,000

The Dumb Friends League’s Buddy Center in Castle Rock recently welcomed the 5,000th dog to arrive from the Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter in Vinita, Okla. Homer, an affectionate stray who was found in Stephens County, Okla., went unclaimed and was passed over due to his large size. Upon arrival in Castle Rock, this special pup was treated to a delicious doggy cake. A portion of each adoption fee for dogs transferred from Oklahoma, like Homer, is reinvested to fund educational and spay/neuter programs in the dog’s original communities.

Festival Park Honored with the 2019 Columbine Award

Accolades continue to accrue for Castle Rock’s Festival Park, now in receipt of the 2019 Columbine Award for Renovated Park Design from the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association. The park has also received the 2019 Best Project Award from ENR Mountain States, the 2019 Denver Regional Council of Governments Metro Vision Award, the 2019 Colorado Lottery Starburst Award and the American Society of Landscape Architects’ 2018 Merit Award for Design. The Columbine Award showcases the best practices and creative concepts regarding design, programming and innovation.