Thankful 1

Mercy, grace, gratitude. These are intangible concepts that most of us need to have more of in our lives. When schedules get hectic and life demands everything of us, discounting the basic sense of decency that quietly surrounds us is easy to do. A warm bed, a roof over our heads or the smile of a stranger may seem innocuous enough, but those basic possessions and random kindness bring a sense of fullness to our lives that we sometimes have to remind ourselves to remember. There is so much for us to be thankful for, and this season of Thanksgiving is one of remembrance. Gratitude always wins.

Let’s get cozy. In Scandinavia, residents practice “hygge” as the nights expand and the cold encroaches, focusing on life’s simple autumn pleasures and sweet moments. So grab some kindling for the fire, brew some hot cocoa and celebrate your new orange and brown fall pillows. Thank your lucky stars for uncomplicated comfort.

Let’s remember the good times. Our publisher, Mel Miles, recounts her younger years skiing with her family on Thanksgiving and chatting with them about life events in the chairlift. Not all family conversations occur around the dinner table—some of them happen 100 feet up. Take advantage of the quiet moments.

Let’s follow a gracious blogger. We reveal why Chana Bennett-Rumley, popular blogger, author and millennial mom of autistic twin boys, feels her own diagnosis of high functioning Asperger’s syndrome was a true gift and the reason she gives a voice for females with autism. The overlooked deserve an advocate, and her authenticity makes her one of the best.

Let’s put the spark in their eyes. We’re thankful for Louie and Melanie Lee’s unselfish effort to bring the Toys for Tots campaign to Castle Rock. Five convenient drop-off locations collecting new, unwrapped toys from Nov. 17 through Dec. 8 means that it’s easier than ever to gift happiness to a child. Giving is great for the soul.

We’re thankful for our residents across Castle Rock, Castle Pines and Larkspur. May your outlook be cheerful and your tummy full this season.

Thank you,



Jennifer Hollingsworth-Barry