The fabulous feeling of fall is here, and it’s in all places. It’s in the sun-kissed orange and yellow leaves that take their time floating wistfully to the ground. It’s in the red cable knit sweater you grab on the way out the door to the football game. It’s certainly in the plethora of pumpkin-spiced wares that seem to magically multiply every year. More than anything, it’s in the gorgeous food and drink that draws us together. This harvest moon celebration of flavor and full bellies echoes our good fortune, and sharing it is simply sublime. Food is the classic communicator.

We’ll spruce up a standard. The simplicity of the marriage of graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate speaks for itself on the tongues of the children. However, these tried-and-true twists on America’s favorite campfire dessert articulate an elevated s’more that welcomes flavors like coconut, caramel, peanut butter and raspberry. Yes, please!

We’ll try something new. Cuba Cuba Café’s famous house piña colada has made itself known in Castle Rock, quickly rising to the top of the favorites list of the residents who have already become regulars in the few months of operation. The libation is luscious, but this new-to-the-neighborhood Cuban food is what food joy is all about. This sensational, approachable, addicting fare is just that.

We’ll broach “pear-fection.” The humble pear is raised to star status this month as we pedestal two resounding roasted pear recipes. Is your fruit too hard to eat or bake with? We’ve included a handy trick that ripens pears beautifully, plus a hack that ripens pears a little faster if needed sooner than later.

We’ll warm up together. Cinnamon, cloves, allspice, star anise and honey are just some of the enticing elements that mingle in our steamy Castle Rock Campfire Cup. Graced with Aces High Cinnamon Whiskey from Mystic Mountain Distillery in Larkspur, Colorado, this sweet and spicy concoction will warm the soul and make you glad you came to the party.

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Jennifer Hollingsworth-Barry