Not just a diamond in the rough anymore, Castle Rock has risen up through the trusted dust of the rhyolite foundation to shine like the gorgeous gem it is. Our way of life, our education system, our tight-knit community and our mission to improve upon our collective masterpiece point to a style branded by the strength of classic lines, the thrill of bold color and the respect of intricate lace. For this edition, we celebrate the escalating and evolving modes of beauty, fashion and the pretty place we seek to put it all.

We’ll rethink hair and nails. Over a decade ago, Stacey James found it a challenge to hire stylists with the technical and creative skills necessary for the modern beauty industry, so she threw caution to the wind and founded the Stacey James Institute. Today’s graduates train harder and make more money off the bat than most people realize. The business of beauty continues to burgeon.

We’ll take a cue from a lady boss. These superwomen of style are the local businesswomen who bring home the bacon and look good doing it. There’s never been a better time to be a fearless female, and these ladies prove it step after step, day after day.

We’ll create a space that speaks to us. We mete out super suggestions for designing a closet or dressing room area that hastens a painless morning getaway, allows you to bask in your collection of antique hatpins and makes you want to return home for another round of relaxation amidst your decor of choice. Guests are certainly welcome—by invitation only, of course.

We’ll toast to who we are. Dress up your drink in our grand and easy fashion and hold it skyward to salute this last month of relative warmth. The chill of this year’s departure comes soon enough.

Until October,



Jennifer Hollingsworth-Barry