August. The bittersweet month of summer where the school bells ring and the trappings of routine return. Make no mistake—the dog days of summer are upon us, the pools are still open and the fair is in town. Life is good. Whether you’re in the market for a corn dog, gourmet sandwich or a little lasso action, the 101st Douglas County Fair and Rodeo has the essentials that please and the activities that excite the kids beyond belief. Heritage weighs with those longer in the tooth, but the youngsters still need to cavort, and this month we cater to both.

We’ll absorb hometown color. Artist Cindy Welch employs the wiles of watercolor to capture Castle Rock’s impressive history like no one else. Translating her beautiful respect for the foundation of community, these local treasures parade the passion in the paint. Gracing our very cover this month is “100th Douglas County Fair and Rodeo,” Cindy’s vibrant tribute to local heritage and the winner of the 2018 Art Poster Contest.

We’ll let kids be kids. Professional children’s photographer and dream portrait guru Kaleigh Gibb of Wonderstruck Photography counsels us on the best way to capture your kids on camera—and it’s easier than you think. Her styling and location tips completely complement this worthwhile read for the harried parent photographer.

We’ll go back to classic. Stay happy and stress-free by throwing a simple and fun traditional home birthday party for your child. Remember those? The happiness gained by returning to simplicity proves that the best birthday destination is where the heart is. Buck the trend to spend and celebrate at home instead.

We’ll slip a treat to Spot. Pet lovers unite! This month brings a scrumptiously easy dog treat recipe to whip up for your four-legged friends. Delicious and nutritious, it’s the least we can do for such loyal companions.

 Long live summer!

 My best,


Jennifer Hollingsworth-Barry