Reminiscent of hot dogs, watermelon and suntan lotion, July is the month we’ve waited for all year. The harbinger of the second half of 2019, July begets beer, barbecues and plenty of opportunities to wear the new shades you won’t lose until August. Amidst the fireworks and family reunions, this month yields a 50-gun salute as we celebrate a country independent of the monarchy across the ocean. Our forefathers all but demanded that we fete our nation’s day of July Fourth in the manner we do, with the pomp and circumstance it deserves, but also as red, white and blue revelers rejoicing with friends and family. Whether you march to the tune of Dixie or Yankee Doodle, we’re all for one country.  

We’ll nosh on Monday’s morsels. These food truck specialties and delicacies likely drip a succulent sauce and require extra napkins. Castle Rock Eats presents Food Truck Mondays in Downtown Castle Rock by Festival Park all summer long from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Trying a new tasty treat at the dawn of the week is a natural necessity because the trucks gift 10 percent of their proceeds to local charities. Sweet.

We’ll dance a jig. Castle Rock has an unabridged roster of concerts in store for your midsummer mayhem, so you can drop a blanket, plop on top and enjoy the burgeoning music scene. And it just keeps getting better. Music is life.

We’ll admire a classic. John Manka takes his Roman Red 1960 Chevrolet Corvette convertible for a spin around town while we learn of his love for the classic-car culture and how he finally came to own a vehicle he had fancied since he was a teenager. It’s affirmative—there is a right way to road trip.

We raise a glass of our summer strawberry and peach rosé sangria to you. Sharing with friends is always beautiful.

 My best to you,

 Jennifer Hollingsworth-Barry