This month we recognize the gentlemen in our lives. Our grandfathers, fathers, husbands and sons—all of the fellows who carry the light, regardless of blood. We acknowledge your underlying presence of solidity that repairs the holes torn by life and grants us often-undeserved grace. And to those who took the pact of paternity: Happy Father’s Day. May our June issue reward you richly.

Let’s learn a lesson. In true nonprofit nature, we’ve collected three men whose faithful facilitation energizes the empty and pulls families to their feet. Their eventful avenues through life have earned them a little wisdom to impart along the way. 

Let’s marvel at the brilliant. We’ve culled the unique experience of esteemed piano tuner, rebuilder and restorer Greg Shaffer of Denver Piano Service. This expert has tuned around 35,000 pianos by ear and even tuned for an Elvis concert eight weeks before his death. At the top of your game after 44 years is a beautiful place to be.

Let’s consider conversion. Local resident, realtor and philanthropist Louie Lee lends us his favorite books and shares his thoughts on their powers of persuasion in his life. A book is the gorgeous gift of unforeseen influence.

We celebrate all of the light and love in Castle Rock, Castle Pines and Larkspur.

Our gratitude is yours.

Jennifer Hollingsworth-Barry