Rotary Ducky Derby 2019

The Rotary Club of Castle Rock and Castle Rock High Noon Rotary will hold their annual Ducky Derby on Saturday, June 8 to support local charities. Festivities will be held at Festival Park in Downtown Castle Rock from 11 a.m.–5 p.m., with the race at 3 p.m. One ticket is $5, with $20 buying five tickets. Registrants’ ducks race down Plum Creek a half mile to the finish line. The first 10 winners win cash, and the first across qualifies for a chance to win a car. 

Dougas County Youth Initiative 2019 Outstanding Youth Awards

The Douglas County Youth Initiative held its 2019 Outstanding Youth Awards on Monday, April 29, featuring guest speaker Dr. Thomas Tucker, Douglas County School District superintendent. The Youth Award officially recognizes 10 Douglas County teenagers who have made positive changes to overcome great obstacles and adversity. Consideration for this award is open to youth in traditional classrooms, alternative schools, group homes, foster homes and those who haven’t finished school. This award is a special honor for youth who have seen little recognition in their lives. 





Dorsey Pictures to Relocate to Castle Rock

Castle Rock continues to foster economic development by striking an economic assistance deal to bring the headquarters of an Emmy-winning media production company to town. Dorsey Pictures will soon be moving out of Littleton and into an 11,266-square-foot building at 4700 Castleton Way.

A full-service television production and marketing firm with contributions airing on prominent channels including HGTV, DIY, Travel, Discovery and National Geographic, the company is slated to bring 98 full-time employees and create up to 15 new jobs in the next two years. The pay-for-performance incentive deal will provide the business resident between $2,000 to $3,000 for each full-time job it creates, capping at $330,000.