Today, I welcome you with open arms to the inaugural issue of Castle Rock Lifestyle, a publication dedicated to the ingenuity and splendor that is Castle Rock. A tapestry of historic grit, prosperity and brilliance, Castle Rock has evolved from a tract dotted with clapboard homes to a thriving, affluent community. The landmark structures, erected with the rhyolite stone that put Castle Rock on the map, stand tall in our time and serve as a testament to its fortitude. We’re here to celebrate that foundation and the sparkle that adorns it.

We’ll savor sumptuous food and drink. Chef Jose Espinoza of Trestles Coastal Cuisine in Castle Pines lets us in on a secret mouthwatering recipe that’s easy to prepare and even easier to serve. Sophisticated enough for a dinner party, but substantial enough to serve your entire family, this tangy-earthy dish is positive to please all who are lucky enough to taste it.

We’ll commend simple relaxation and pure fun. We’ll step away and take a day trip outside of town to experience what historic downtown Littleton has to offer for rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. We think you’ll find that taking pause for top-notch relaxation and recreation is fabulous, especially in hindsight.

We’ll cultivate our health and honor our bodily temples. For the not-as-fit to the super fit, Club Pilates offers a program for anyone endeavoring to challenge both body and mind. A step above the basic, this studio stays true to original Pilates principles while proffering forth a plethora of specialized equipment that encourages the strength and discipline your temple craves.

We’ll laud those who uphold others. There is no human requirement to avail ourselves to those who need assistance, yet there are those among us who give this gift freely. Wellspring Community progresses into another year of lovingly educating the intellectually and developmentally disabled. Opportunity, satisfaction and glee are for everyone.

We’ll respect tradition and progress. As some things stay the same and some things change, this year seats Jason Gray in Castle Rock’s mayoral chair. A common-sense working man, Jason speaks to the future of our town and the “growth” word that makes a few of us a little nervous.

Join us every month in celebrating the finer things in Castle Rock, Castle Pines and Larkspur. Who knows, you might even catch yourself in our Good Times feature. We’ll look for you.

My best,  

Jennifer Hollingsworth-Barry, publisher