Winter Bodies Are Made in Fall

Feel as if you get in your own way when it comes to being inventive? Winter is upon us, and hibernation starts to set in, along with unexpected weight gain. Fall is a great time for a refresh to your workout routine by sparking creativity in a workout buddy. 

Heritage’s Men’s Clinic

Dr. Rasheed Abassi earned his first Bachelor of Science in physics with a minor in electronics from the University of Lagos before transferring to the United States in 1990. Once he arrived, he decided to continue his education.

Helping People One Conversation at a Time

Dr. Pauline Belton, LCPC-ACS, ED.S., E.D.D., is a joyous, kind soul with an infectious laugh whose mission is to help people live their best life. 

Acupuncture for a Change

What do you need to be your best self? Less pain? More flexibility? Better sleep? Turning Point – Foundations of Wellness is a place to explore all these and more. 

Cloud 10 Transformations

After indulging in a delicious Thanksgiving meal, you may want to forget about exercise until spring and settle in for a long winter's nap. In the back of your mind, there is the part of you that wants to eat healthy and exercise, but the lure of holiday treats is tempting. 

Dr. Angel Wood

 Article Alyson Turner | Photography Tyler Goble  Dr.  Angel Wood: Complimentary Natural Medicine  Innovative alternative acupuncture, vaginal steaming, herbalist