Ten Tips to Rejuvenate Your Workout Routine by Adding a Workout Partner

Feel as if you get in your own way when it comes to being inventive? Winter is upon us, and hibernation starts to set in, along with unexpected weight gain. Fall is a great time for a refresh to your workout routine by sparking creativity in a workout buddy. 

We are two busy Bowie full-time moms (a lawyer and a nutrition program director) offering 10 things to do for cultivating an extraordinary partnership in making their workouts count for the past two-plus years and counting. Forging deep bonds over shared interests has brought more joy and support into our lives than ever expected.

1. Commit. Then, Figure It Out. 

If you have any doubt in committing to a solo workout regimen, then commit to creating a powerful connection with someone who can enrich your life holistically.

2. Find a Workout Soulmate.

OK, maybe not your soulmate, but a workout partner/buddy who can be the boss of you and shake the foundation of your psychological house for those last round of push-ups.

3. Mix It Up!

Having a partner makes trying out new foods and workouts less intimidating.

4. When the Going Gets Tough …

At least one of you has to get going. You have to motivate each other with compassion.

5. Create Fun Workout Rituals.

Text messages at 5 a.m. must be funny (with emoji) and a necessity for getting out of bed.

6. Keep It Real.

Be vulnerable and open with your partner about your dreams and workout struggles.

7. Invite Randomness.

When the going gets tough as a duo, hire a personal trainer. The amazing thing about this type of randomness is that it forced us to do things that made us uncomfortable.

8. Make Time for Coffee.

Enjoy each other’s company outside of the regular exercise routine.

9. Celebrate.

Recognize and celebrate each other’s successes and encourage each other to achieve more.

10. Be Patient.

Recognize that exercise is not a speedy process for rapid weight loss. As you get older, it takes time to unlearn what’s been ingrained in your mind when you were young and fighting with forces of gravity.