Milan Junchalearn’s High-End Salon Restores and Rejuvenates Natural Hair and Confidence

Confidence comes from within, but when we look good, we feel good. Taking care of our appearance makes you stand up a little taller and take on life with vigor. For so many, the perfect hairstyle can boost our self-esteem and lift our spirits. To get that perfect hairstyle, you need the perfect hairstylist. 

Chi Bella, Inc. is a high-end natural hair boutique with expert hairstylists that focus on hair care, natural hair growth and hair restoration. They are not just a salon; they are a hair reconstruction salon. They work to heal their clients’ hair with the best products and services available and promote new hair growth. Chi Bella’s expert stylists specialize in texture and work with all ethnicities to restore and grow natural hair.

Milan Junchalearn started doing hair when she was 14 years old and attended a fashion high school in New York. She then began her own side business braiding hair in her neighborhood. After several years of challenges including owning three salons, Milan and her four children moved to Maryland for a fresh start. After trying her hand at several different careers including real estate and interior design, Milan knew she had to return to her foundation. 

“My talent is in hair. I started a women’s support group and wrote a book, but I finally realized after much hardship that I needed to open a salon. I spoke to a friend about starting a partnership. I had to move apartments at that time. I called all of my clients and set up package deals for hair services once I opened the salon and used those funds to put down a deposit,” Milan says. “From March 2018 to May 2018, we doubled our clients. By September 2018, we had more than 100 clients coming in. I realized that this is a needed place. It helped rejuvenate my passion for hair while helping women who had lost their confidence.” 

One of the most alluring and special features of the salon is that Chi Bella caters to a professional crowd. When you come in for your appointment, you do not have to wait. You are not left to sit around for hours until it is your time. They understand your time is valuable.

“We play jazz. We have wine and snacks. We do not want people waiting and sitting around,” Milan says. “This is a specialty of ours: making sure you are in the chair at your appointment time.” 

Chi Bella is expanding its brand. In less than a year, Milan went from being the only stylist with one shampoo assistant to having six stylists who were trained in the Chi Bella concept: how to restore hair textures and how to target the interior of the hair. Each stylist will use their own talents to treat clients. Milan is an educator. She trains all of her staff as well as hires experts to teach advanced classes to keep stylists current and innovative while keeping up to date with education. 

“We are working on a custom hair product line. … We have custom oil blends that enhance the growth of the hair, and we are starting a Chi Bella Inc. Braiding Spa focused on herbs, roots, plant-based products. It is our own concoction that we provide strictly for hair textures that are in need of treatments before braiding. We treat the hair in all-natural-based products before braiding,” Milan says. “The core of Chi Bella is working with the healthiest products, conditioning and hydrating the hair as well as providing essential nutrients. The braiding spa will be opening up by the end of the year in the Bowie area. In early spring, a second Chi Bella, Inc. natural hair boutique will be opening in Waldorf.”

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