A Brand-New Senior Living Community in Bowie Exquisitely Embraces the Human Experience

Tribute at Melford by Thrive Senior Living is a community that is designed to feel like home. This brand-new, state-of-the-art community has all of the amenities that senior residents want along with a special touch. Community President Larry Dix shares his excitement for the new community.

“My job is to ensure that overall operations run smoothly and efficiently according to Thrive’s culture of enriching lives, being a faithful steward of these principles and caring for everyone that is entrusted to me in this community,” he says.

Tribute at Melford in Bowie is a 140-apartment community designed to provide support for older adults who are looking to enjoy life but have assistance should they need it. There are a host of amenities including an on-site fitness center; a full-service beauty salon; a barbershop; a movie theater-style viewing room; and creative studio where residents can create music, poetry, sewing, arts and more. 

An important aspect of the community is that residents have plenty of options for activities and socialization. There is a bistro with internet, a library, as well as restaurant-style dining. There is also ample outdoor seating along with a bocce ball court for residents to enjoy and socialize. 

“What we want to do here at Tribute at Melford is to bring to life the human experience. We want to move away from the traditional model of assisted living care to the whole human experience, making sure that we as a community help our residents to meet all of their needs: love and belonging, power and importance, freedom and choice as well as fun and pleasure,” Larry says. “Thrive is a really unique organization that has designed this community to embrace the human experience. Thrive Senior Living is a thinking organization. We think differently about our industry. I like to call it long-term support, building relationships and meeting of needs of the whole person. We even call our activities director the ‘director of excitement’ because she tries to get into the hearts and minds of residents, what they need, and bring that to life for them.”

Newly opened at the end of August, Tribute at Melford is a community designed to let its residents live their best lives.

“We want people in Prince George’s County and Anne Arundel County to understand that simply because people may need additional support in our senior living residences that doesn’t mean they are moving into an institution. This is just an extension of the [Bowie] community. We want our residents and their families to feel that this is a wonderful place to continue their lifestyle while having support from us.”

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