Korey Neal Explains His Vision at K. Neal Truck and Bus Center for a Better Workplace and a Better Community

“Or mission statement is ‘To take care of the customer, take care of the associate, and to reinvest back into the community.’”

Of all the things Korey Neal does, serving the customers of K.Neal Bus and Truck Center and creating a welcoming workplace for his employees is his priority. Korey was born and raised in Prince George’s County. He was a student-athlete at St. John’s College High School in Washington, D.C. and went on to play football at Eastern Michigan University. He earned a degree in business administration.

“I was able to go to several NFL training camps before coming to work at the family business,” he says. “My father bought the company in 2006, and I joined the company in 2013. I have done almost every job in the company. I started at the bottom, spent six months working in each department—sweeping floors, sales, stocking —so that I could see every aspect of the business. I started my graduate work at American University and completed my masters in strategic communication in 2016 while working full-time. I became the general manager of three stores in 2017 and then the general manager of all of the stores in 2018.”

K. Neal Truck and Bus Center is a full-service bus and truck dealership in the Washington metropolitan area with service areas and body shops for repairs with an annual revenue of over $100 million. The company carries a vast array of part suppliers/inventory with over $2 million in inventory to deliver to customers. There is also 24/7 mobile service to meet customers’ needs. They are an authorized International, Isuzu, Hino and Mitsubishi truck dealer. K. Neal Truck & Bus Center is also a premier full-service school and commercial bus dealer. They offer IC Bus, Collins and Diamond Coach. They typically sell to municipalities, small businesses, PG County, VA DOT along with many others. They have 40% of the market share on school buses in the state of Maryland and 100% of the market share on school buses in Prince George’s County. They provide full-service commercial truck leasing for Maryland and Virginia. They provide all of these transportation needs in one of their convenient locations.

K. Neal Truck and Bus Center is a family-owned business that believes in taking care of its employees and giving back to the community. It earned The Washington Business Journal’s 2019 Family-Owned Business Award. In August 2019, K. Neal Truck and Bus Center opened its new headquarters in Hyattsville, Maryland. This state-of-the-art facility, with alternative fuel bays and specialty parts supply machines, is just under 40,000 square feet. There are also heated floors for the techs so they can be comfortable during the colder months. There is a fitness center for employees in the headquarters. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, a full-time personal trainer is available for anyone in the organization for all different levels of fitness. They also offer financial literacy classes for all employees.

“I truly believe that the better my associate is, the better they can serve our customers,” Korey says. “We have been trying to take a holistic approach to helping our associates, whether that is financial literacy, mental and physical health. Trying to make sure our associates are happy and healthy. The more we can help others at K. Neal, the more they can help others; that is how we get a better community, by continuing to pour into one another.”

K. Neal Bus and Truck Center offers mental health awareness and first aid classes for upper management. They have trained all of the managers and 22 employees in first aid and mental health so far. The Maryland Chamber of Commerce selected K. Neal Truck & Bus Center as a finalist for the 2019 Innovative Wellness Award.

Korey moved to Bowie with his family when he was in the ninth grade and still lives there today with his wife, Allison.

“It is important to me to always give back to the community and reinvest what we have back into one another. My overall life philosophy is that I want to give more to the world than I take from it. It is so important to give back to others. By passing along prosperity to the community and serving our customers while offering a great place to work, we can make a better world overall.”

For more information or help on your transportation needs, visit KNealTBC.com.