Newly Launched Clothing Brand Her Athletic Lifestyle Offers Cute and Comfortable Styles for Women

Her Athletic Lifestyle was born from a desire for creative expression and a passion for designing apparel that women would feel good about. Chiquita Crenshaw has a technical background in cybersecurity, but it did not satisfy her creative energy.

“I enjoy beautifying things, especially things what women wear. I was tired of going out and seeing the same clothes that I had on in every single store,” Chiquita says. “Her Athletic Lifestyle brand stems from me. I wanted to design something with a different eye. I love decorating and designing. I was leaving my technical side and embracing my creativity, embracing my passion.”

Founded in 2018, Her Athletic Lifestyle is a brand that creates clothes for women that they want to wear and that they feel comfortable in, whether it’s in the workplace, at home or out and about. The brand offers leggings, yoga pants, accessories and will soon be selling custom-made T-shirts with quotes or humorous sayings.

“Creating Her Athletic Lifestyle and designing these clothes is very therapeutic for me. It gives me a sense of peace from the stresses of life,” Chiquita says.

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