Actress Taraji P. Henson Surprises Her Stepmother, Angie, with a Gorgeous Home Remodel

Award-winning actress Taraji P. Henson, who currently stars in Empire, has a special bond with her stepmother, Angie.

“I just loved her right away. You need a meal, you need clothes, you need somebody to watch your kids, your dog—whatever it is, Angie’s there for you,” Taraji said about her stepmother on a recent episode of My Houzz.

Taraji wanted to do something special for Angie, who has been there for her since she was a teenager. When Taraji noticed that her stepmother’s home near Washington, D.C. was in need of some updates, she reached out to interior designer Stephanie Gamble of Stephanie Gamble Interiors to get the job done.

The first room that Stephanie took charge of was the small kitchen with cabinets that were falling apart. She tore out the entire kitchen to add more counter space, an island in the middle for additional storage, prep area and seating as well as new cabinets. The base cabinets were painted navy in strong contrast to the white upper cabinets to give a light and airy feel. The designer also added a larger sink, refrigerator and range while removing the wall that closed the kitchen off from the living room. 

Moving into the living room, Stephanie updated the fireplace with the same quartz as seen in the kitchen.

“It is a great way to tie everything together,” Stephanie says.

Taraji and Stephanie choose softer furnishings with lots of seating for guests to finish off the living room.

To see the entire home remodel, visit Check out more by Stephanie at StephanieGambleInteriors.comYou can follow Taraji P. Henson on Instagram at @tarajiphenson