Anthony Stewart Shares His Expert Financial Tips

Anthony Stewart, president and CEO of Financial Services, Inc., has been helping people plan their finances for more than two decades. 

What services do you offer?

We offer a new kind of life insurance, the kind you do not have to die to use. We do annuities. We do rollovers when a person leaves a job and has a 401(k). Disability income, college planning and debt elimination. We help people get out of debt in nine years or less without spending additional money, including the mortgage. 

What is one service you highly suggest for a new customer?

First thing I would do is take a look and see what you have already done. We will do a needs analysis. What are your goals? Not what Anthony Stewart wants, but what you want. It is not really a product; we are more like problem solvers. You don’t know that until you ask the long-term questions: What are your goals in the long term? What are you doing in the future?

One of the main things we have been successful is at showing people that life insurance is yours tax-free. We have terminal illness coverage, chronic illness coverage and critical illness coverage that is automatically included with our life insurance policies. That is what really separates us from the competitors. We focus on what happens if you live and not if you die. Accessing the death benefit while you are still alive—it has really changed the way people look at life insurance. 

What do you tell potential clients who are coming to you for the first time?

You have to get your financial house in order. When a person starts a new job, they are advised to put most of the money into a tax-qualified plan such as a 401(k). You may think that you do not need to invest in life insurance, but you have to guarantee your insurability. You need to buy your life insurance now. That’s what wealthy people have been doing for years, and we have to teach middle America how to do it too. You can always save money, but if your health changes, you can’t always buy life insurance. The life insurance is the first thing that needs to be done because that is the foundation of it all. 

What are your suggestions for end-of-year finances?

If you are going to max out your contributions to a tax-qualified plan, you need to start thinking about that in September. Set up an appointment with your CPA. It is also a good time for you to review your life insurance. From an industry perspective, if they have paid a lot out during the year, they may have to raise the rates next year, so you need to lock in your rates. 

Any parting words for those considering financial planning services?

Illness can happen to anybody, and we have to protect our income. America doesn’t spend enough time dealing with financial matters. There is an old saying that Middle America spends more time planning a vacation than they do planning finances. We don’t make enough time to plan our future. We don’t make that a priority. That is why so many people are retiring in poverty. We don’t think we have enough money, but all of us spend money that doesn’t get a chance to earn interest. There is never a convenient time to plan. You have to work with what you’ve got and build on it.

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