Dr. Pauline Belton, the Sole Proprietor, Founder and Creator of Open Conversations, Asks People to Invest in Themselves

Dr. Pauline Belton, LCPC-ACS, ED.S., E.D.D., is a joyous, kind soul with an infectious laugh whose mission is to help people live their best life. 

“The mission of Open Conversations is to provide individuals and families and couples with quality counseling therapy to help their lives become better. We customize our counseling and therapy to each individual because everyone is different,” she says. “The true mission for everyone is to get comfortable having someone they can confide in and enrich their lives to the goals and dreams they want to have. Sometimes you can’t do that to yourself or your family. Sometimes you want to talk about your story with someone else. We believe everyone deserves a therapist, someone they can confide in, someone that can help them along life’s journey.” 

Open Conversations offers counseling and therapy. Dr. Belton does cognitive and psychological assessments. You may be experiencing grief, loss, anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder, or you may have marital issues, relationship issues within the family, blended families or need premarital counseling. Sometimes children have difficulty in school whether it is learning, behavior or how to fit in at school. 

“We do workshops and educational therapy, and we do groups that go throughout the year. These resources are designed to educate and provide coping skills and strategies,” she says. “In a group setting or a workshop setting, they help people understand and know that they are not the only ones who are going through these issues, that actually there are a lot of people out there who are experiencing struggles and difficulties in life. They want to learn more about how to communicate effectively with their partner, use techniques to learn more self-care, how to be more relaxed.

“I really want people to know and understand therapy is for everyone. Everyone deserves to have a chance at their best life, and sometimes you need someone along the way to confide in and get advice from and to just sort things out. That is the way life is.”  

Dr. Belton’s Recommendations to Those Hesitant to Take That First Step

  • “The reason what I do is called ‘open conversations’ is because there is not always a script. It is you having a conversation and unveiling and revealing and coming to a resolution. You can do that authentically just by talking.”
  • “I recommend that you take a leap of faith. That first step is an investment in yourself. Don’t worry about what other people think and what other people say; focus on what you truly want.”
  • “Sitting with a licensed therapist for most people is an awakening, and they realize that a therapist is someone who won’t judge them, someone who will work with them where they are to reach any goals that they set for themselves and they deserve it.”
  • “You deserve to invest in yourself, and a therapist is the best way to do that. Get quiet, pick up the phone and dial the number. People have a misconception that therapy means something is wrong with you. That is so far from the case because more than 80% of our clients are having normal daily struggles and they don’t want to take out their issues on their families. They don’t want to bring that home. They come to us, and they can sleep better at night because they have gotten all of that out. Most of the clientele that comes doesn’t have something ‘wrong.’ Life happens, and a lot of times it happens without your permission, but we have to live it.”

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