The Men We Admire 2

Making Great Strides in Our Community

Dr. KC Granger

Dentist, Enterprise Dental

Dr. KC Granger has lived and worked in Bowie for 10 years. He loves his job providing quality care to his patients and takes pride in staying up to date on the latest procedures and training in the dental industry.

What do you love about your job?

I get to change lives in a positive way. I get to positively influence people’s lives. It makes [my job] that much better when I can help people turn their life around. Most people come to me with health issues and self-esteem issues. I get to build a relationship and earn their trust to help them. The moments that I can help people gain their confidence back after being treated and encourage them to take charge of their health are the best. I also have the flexibility to mentor someone or go out in the community to help people. I try to pay it forward when I can. I also have time to spend with my family and not miss out on anything.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Before you make any life decisions, always pray first. That helps you stay on the right path. If you want to stay on a path that gets you closer to God, then pray on it before you do it.

What life lesson have you learned and would like to share with others?

Prior preparation prevents poor performance. This can be applied to any aspect of life, whether it is school, work life, relationships. If you are not prepared for an opportunity to come along, you will miss out. Be prepared always.

Dr. Darian Senn-Carter

Professor of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security and Bowie City Council Member

Dr. Darian Senn-Carter grew up in Baltimore and attended the University of Maryland College Park. He is a professor at Anne Arundel Community College and is a Bowie City Council Member. He is also an ICF-certified coach.

“I am a change agent committing my life to connecting others with resources to succeed. Education is really our best investment in ourselves and our future. Education has the power to transform our individual lives and connect one another to transform our society,” he says.

What is the best-kept secret about Bowie?

The best-kept secret about Bowie is the gorgeous parks and trails. I use trails right here in Bowie that are connected to so many communities and parks. There are more than 70 miles in Bowie and 17 parks. Even though I run often, there are always so many different places to see. I enjoy going to the parks to have picnics and enjoy nature. Many of the parks do the summer concert series as well.

You also teach at Anne Arundel Community College and are the coordinator for the Honors Program. What do you hope to impart on the students you work with?

Have the courage to allow yourself the opportunity to explore your interests and to explore your talent. Enjoy the journey. When our talents and interests converge, we not only find our passion but we find our purpose.

What is one life lesson that resonates with you?

Life is full of beauty and opportunity if we allow ourselves to seek it. I have learned that it is so important to have a growth mindset. If you approach each and every day with the understanding that you can learn something new, you will learn something new every day.

Derrick Leon Davis

Prince George’s County Council Member (D – District 6)

A lifelong resident of Prince George’s County, born on Andrews Air Force Base and raised in the town of Capitol Heights, Council Member Derrick Leon Davis is a graduate of Central High School. Derrick earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He is a passionate music enthusiast, playing saxophone in the local band Ayre Rayde and in the legendary go-go band Experience Unlimited. In the 2019 legislative year, Derrick serves as chair of the Government Operations and Fiscal Policy Committee, vice-chair of the Education and Workforce Development Committee and a member of the Planning, Housing & Economic Development Committee. He continues to serve as the council representative to the Economic Development Corporation and as vice-chair of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Board of Directors. 

What is your favorite childhood memory of growing up in Maryland/Washington D.C. area?

It’s 1980, and a 12-year-old Derrick Leon Davis, with parents’ permission, is attending a Sunday afternoon matinee with very good childhood friends at the famed Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C. Growing up in the suburbs, we did not know what to expect, but we were dressed for Sunday afternoon theater. What we discovered was the music in our souls. We were treated to our first real go-go performance! Rare Essence, the inner-city groove, took the stage and had “Heap Big Fun” and “Turned on the Spotlight” before the Sugar Hill Gang hit the stage and treated us to their hit, “Rapper’s Delight!” Our “wow” was essentially the beginning of an infatuation with live music and performance. After the concert, we returned home to Prince George’s County and started our neighborhood band.

For young men who hope to pursue a career in politics, what would you say to encourage them?

People, preparation and persistence are the keys. In the final stanza of the poem “IF” by Rudyard Kipling, the author encourages us to “talk with crowds and keep our virtue; walk with kings, but not lose our common touch; to not let friend nor foe hurt you; to let all count with you, but none too much; and in our most difficult moments, persevere…” Learn “IF,” embrace its message and let it be a guiding light for public service.

What is a life lesson that you hope to pass on to those around you?

Consistency in words and deeds is the road to respect. Stay on it. Walk it like you talk it.