Family Bike Shop 4

Getting the Whole Family Ready to Ride


The Man Behind the Bikes: Jonathan started working in the biking industry in 1988 when he was a senior in high school.

Established: Family Bike Shop was established in 1974 in Capitol Heights. Jonathan started working for the owner in 1995. The shop moved to its Crofton location in 1997. Jonathan purchased the store from its previous owner in 2002.

Services Offered: Any services for your bike such as repairs and flat changes with very little wait time compared to other shops. Family Bike Shop has a strong service area and with multiple repairs that can be done on the spot. They also offer fit services if needed.

Gear Sold: High-quality used bikes, new bikes, gear, clothing, pumps, helmets, lights, pedals, accessories, supplies and gift cards. Family Bike Shop does take bicycle trade-ins and offers consignment for bike shop quality bikes. They offer a broad range of bicycles from kids to enthusiasts and racers.


Jonathan Siebold has always had a passion for cycling. He was born and raised in Crofton and worked at another bike shop in Crofton before he started at Family Bike Shop.

“I started riding a bike when I was a kid, and I never really stopped. I started racing around the time I was 14 years old. I have been doing this the entirety of my life,” Jonathan says.

Family Bike Shop is a family-owned small business with a small staff including Jonathan; his wife, Sarah; the manager; and a small number of longtime employees. You can bring your bike into the store for a free estimate on the spot, and they will figure out what you need. They also offer free lifetime tune-ups on new bikes purchased from them. They also support their community by donating to local schools and organizations such as sports teams.

“Family Bike shop Prides ourselves on our service. We specialize in getting families on bikes, keeping them running and helping you increase your love of cycling,” Jonathan says. “We love hearing feedback on how great the service is. We ask lots of questions to get you on the bike that you need. Instead of just trying to sell you on the latest and greatest, we have longtime employees so when you come into the shop, you see the same faces. We also have an awesome shop dog named Griffin that comes to work most days.”

Family Bike Shop is the place to go for your bicycle needs. Great service and loyal customers help make the shop what it is today. Whether you need a bike, a repair or have a question about where to ride, Family Bike Shop has got you covered.

“We have people that still come from Capitol Heights,” Jonathan says. “Everybody at the shop rides, and half of us here race as well. We are all very active in cycling and have knowledge to share. Cycling is cool. Come get a bike and go for a ride.”