Inspired by Art 2

Overdue Recognition Art Gallery Promotes Local African-American Artists

Art in all its forms can be motivating and inspiring, but Overdue Recognition Art Gallery focuses on sharing local African-American artists from the community. The gallery recently celebrated its one-year anniversary since moving to its location in Bowie. 

“We had Rebecca Crouch come in and do a socially conscious series,” owner Derrick Thompson says of a recent exhibit. “She picked 10 different people for the ‘Talented 10’ project. We told her we were looking for something current and socially relevant. She chose people with a special message.”

Derrick and his wife, Jacqueline, chose to open the gallery in the Bowie location when they realized that not enough African-American art was being showcased in the area.

“We are gearing up to do an emerging artist show this summer. We deal with local artists and choose one or two that we are going to represent,” Derrick says. “We normally have about four to six different styles and different techniques to come to the show. We try to reach our artists, especially those who are trying to stay current in the world and social events.” 

Overdue Recognition also does custom framing, which Derrick handles. Each painting inside the gallery is framed. As an expert in conservation framing, he can properly preserve art so that it will stay pristine and hold its value.

15402 Emerald Way, Bowie