Zaina Lodge Offers Luxury and Adventure

Everyone deserves that much-needed vacation—a trip to the beach or a quiet town in the mountains while convening with nature. These are great trips that, fortunately for us here in Bowie, are within close proximity. We can leave home and travel in one direction or another to reach our favorite spot in a few short hours—be it salty air with sandy toes or quiet, calm outdoors with no city lights for miles. We really do have it all. But what about going on an adventure? Embark on the trip of a lifetime to Zaina Lodge, West Africa’s one and only safari lodge, located in Ghana’s Mole National Park.

Ghana is one of the fastest-growing travel destinations in the world with its recent economic success and booming tourism trade. By traveling to West Africa, you can cultivate experiences unlike any other. Zaina Lodge has won several international awards including the 2017 World Luxury Hotel Award, 2017 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and local awards including the Ghana Tourism Award and the Sada EcoTourism Award.

The resort is renowned for ultimate bush luxury including superb cuisine and spectacular views strategically located in Mole National Park. In late 2018, Zaina Lodge introduced a variety of new, exciting and innovative offerings such as bush conferencing, experiential “Bush-Buzz” edu-eco programs, a variety of bush banqueting concepts, community tour activities, innovative safari packages, a personalized massage service and a curio shop.

Zaina Lodge offers both walking and driving safaris through the park with the opportunity to see elephants and other big game. When driving, your tour includes a guide and driver inside of an air-conditioned vehicle with unobstructed window views. This tour covers terrain throughout the southeastern portions of the park, including open hardpans covered with grass, waterholes, forest and man-made “hides” where guests may observe wildlife from outside the vehicles. A walking safari allows guests to get an up-close view of the wildlife at the guide’s discretion. Guides are deeply knowledgeable about the 350 bird species, 93 mammal species, 33 reptile species and numerous plants you may see.

There are also several other local excursions to try including the Mognori Community Canoeing and Birding Adventure. The Mognori Eco-Village is situated along the eastern edge of the Mole National Park about 25 minutes from the Lodge. You can also attend a community tour of the Mognori Eco-VIllage. The several hundred residents (primarily farmers and their families) who live alongside the Mole River reside in traditional thatched mud huts and work their farmer-style trade in the nearby fields. A tour in the village, led by a local resident, is an introduction to village life, lifestyle and village culture. For those who wish to learn more about the African Elephant, there is a guided elephant program where guests are immersed in a day in the life of an African Elephant.

Zaina Lodge offers an exciting array of culture, eco-tourism, wildlife and luxury after days filled with exploring.

For more information, visit or check out @ZainaLodge on Instagram.