Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep 2

Dr. Michael D. Gatson Shares His Book on Helping Children Understand Family Members Coping with PTSD

Dr. Michael D. Gatson was working at the Veterans Affairs Hospital when he realized he could help more military families by joining the Army himself. 

“I was inspired to write the book when I was working as a marriage and family therapist at Robert J. Dole VA Medical in Wichita, Kansas. I had several of my veterans and family members asking me to recommend books explaining PTSD from a child’s perspective to help their children understand what their mom or dad were going through,” Dr. Gatson says. “I did a little bit of research into children’s literature and noticed that those books didn’t explain the symptoms of PTSD or go into a deeper explanation for children.” 

The book chronicles a military family’s experience with PTSD. Chase’s father is experiencing PTSD symptoms, and Chase is struggling to understand his father’s reactions. His mother lovingly explains the symptoms of PTSD and how people are affected by it. This book challenges readers to treat veterans with compassion when they ask for help. 

“The message is that you do not need to be afraid of getting help for mental health issues. There are resources available, and we need to use them,” Dr. Gatson says.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is available on all major websites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and 

Dr. Michael Gatson, author of the Dr. Doobie children’s book series, has a consulting firm where he trains other professionals to work with the military community and offers life coaching. He is the Director of the Annapolis Vet Center which offers mental health treatments for veterans and families that have combat experience. He also has a T-shirt line called “Don’t Label Me” in order to destigmatize getting help for mental health issues. T-shirts are available for purchase at