Speech Language Pathologist and Children’s Author Cassandra Hill Improves Her Patients’ Lives and the Lives of Children Around the World

Changing the world starts with one person who has a desire to make a difference. Cassandra Hill is the owner of Speech Therapy Enterprises, LLC as well as author and illustrator of the children’s book It’s Your Birthday, Shyann! and songwriter of “Change the World, Shyann!”. In her private practice, she offers treatment and care to help improve the quality of life for those with a variety of speech needs. With her children’s book, she hopes to share a message of multicultural education with all readers. In all of her endeavors, she desires to help others. 

Cassandra is a speech-language pathologist with 25 years’ experience in several settings including school systems in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, home care, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. Her experience led her to open a private practice in Bowie in 2012. It started as a one-room practice and has since expanded to serve all members of the community, including families, from children to adults. 

“I work with children with speech acquisition issues, for example, toddlers who aren’t speaking yet, or children with intelligibility issues. I work with them on articulation skills and chronological processing,” Cassandra says. “I have worked with adults who have Parkinson’s disease who need help with amplification and speaking clearly. I also give strategies to people who stutter and clutter.” 

While Cassandra can assist with a variety of voice disorders, she truly enjoys working with singers who suffer from vocal nodules and need assistance rehabbing their voice, teaching them the best practice for their voice. She also loves helping children with articulation and chronological processing. The practice works to accommodate patients with later hours so people can schedule appointments after school and work. 

“We cater to families after work with these later business hours. We see a large population of our clients from 2:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The treatment here is ongoing, and some people may come weekly for a month or they may come for treatments up to a year depending on the disorder,” Cassandra says. “I am a healthcare provider who provides functional and therapeutic treatments. We can also accept most patients’ insurances.”

Did you know that caffeine is harmful for a singer’s voice? It diminishes their pitch range and dehydrates their vocal cords. Other products including those with menthol such as mints can dehydrate vocal cords as well

Cassandra’s children’s book, It’s Your Birthday, Shyann!, is about a little Egyptian cat who is celebrating her birthday with friends all around the world. It is written with the background of speech pathology with a language and articulation component. The story offers teaches children receptively and expressively about different traditions from several geographical regions and cultural backgrounds. It also teaches them how to say “happy birthday” in eight different languages. 

Along with the book is the song “Change the World, Shyann!”Cassandra has partnered with the nonprofit organization Pencils of Promise for a fundraising download campaign to build a school in Ghana, Africa. The proceeds from the downloads of her song go to Pencils of Promise. Stay tuned to Cassandra’s website and social media for updates as well as the upcoming taping of a music video and show to support the campaign. For more information on the Pencils of Promise campaign, visit PencilsOfPromise.org.




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