Turning Point – Foundations of Wellness Invites You to See How an Oriental Medicine Perspective Can Give You Hope

What do you need to be your best self? Less pain? More flexibility? Better sleep? Turning Point – Foundations of Wellness is a place to explore all these and more. 

Licensed acupuncturists Hunter and Teresa Thompson look at all aspects of a person in order to create the best treatment and benefit for the individual. Oriental Medicine knows that true healing includes consideration of physical, mental and emotional levels. In addition to acupuncture, Teresa and Hunter use other tools including Chinese herbs, essential oils, flower essences, coaching and acupressure.  

Some patients focus on physical wellness, while others are most interested in emotional well-being or spiritual growth. Oriental Medicine holds that one cannot separate these areas of life; each impacts the other. Even if two people have the same symptoms, they may need different treatment. 

Oriental Medicine can be used as a standalone treatment or can be complementary to the tools of Western medicine. Hunter and Teresa are happy to coordinate with other healthcare providers at your request. They look at the person through a different lens, which can give an insight that might not be seen in Western medicine. Additionally, acupuncture does not have the side effects that are often found in pharmaceutical medications. Oriental Medicine tools work more gently and can provide relief from symptoms, increased energy and enhanced relaxation. Addressing the symptom and the root of that symptom at the same time brings a sense of balance, centeredness and overall wellbeing.

Lifestyle plays a role in each person’s well-being. Oriental Medicine includes addressing factors such as sleep, movement, dietary habits and interpersonal relations. Being able to have the energy, clarity and ability to move smoothly through your day no matter what it holds is more precious than anything in life. It is the foundation of wellness.