Personal Chef Britt Klingler Shares Her Favorite Healthy, Whole Food Meals

When Britt Klingler moved from Mississippi to Annapolis, Maryland, she decided to gauge interest for an in-home personal chef service using social media. She had great success with her business in Mississippi but wanted to reach out to people in her new hometown. So far, there has been an overwhelmingly positive reception for Britt’s Fit Foods in the area. 

“I come into a person’s home and can create meals for the week, snacks or other food items that are requested, Britt says. “Typically I do 90-minute sessions where I prepare meals for the client. Clients can choose to watch and learn, or I can do all the prep and cooking.”

Every dish is vegetable-based but includes a meat protein unless a client specifically requests a vegetarian or vegan dish. Most dishes are typically gluten-free, organic and dairy-free. Clients can choose from a variety of dishes or work with Britt to create a meal plan.  

“I love where I live,” she says. “This area is so welcoming, and people are very into clean eating, learning about healthier meals and learning their own way.”

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