Raising Awareness through Art

 When you step foot inside the main showroom of Overdue Recognition Art Gallery, you will see stunning paintings and sculptures displaying the beauty, trials, and triumphs of African-American art and culture. Once you have taken your fill of all the gallery has to show you may want to pick up  a book about collecting art or books illustrated by the gallery’s artists. Everything inside the gallery is available for sale to lovers of art. Jacqueline Thompson and her husband, Derrick, decided to open the gallery in Bowie after realizing that there was not enough African-American art being showcased in the area.

“We have everything from originals, clays, lithographs and serigraphs. We have pieces for the art novice to the established collector,” Jacqueline says. 

The gallery does four major exhibits a year in which artists can come in, showcase their work and interact with patrons. If an artist is interested in displaying their work with Overdue Recognition, they can reach out to Jacqueline, the curator, for a specific set of guidelines or use the submissions link on the website. Currently, the gallery represents 40 African-American artists.

“I am part of the selection process of the gallery. I decide where pieces hang and how they are arranged. I am responsible for all of the marketing that comes with the gallery,” Jacqueline says.

Derrick handles all the custom framing. Each painting inside the gallery is framed. As an expert in conservation framing, he can properly preserve art so that it will stay pristine and hold its value.  

Overdue Recognition Art Gallery has received a positive reception in the area through social media and the word of mouth.

“We like to say, ‘We want to be the first place that you think of when it comes to African-American art.’ That is our goal.”