Artist Derwin Scott Creates Custom Abstract Art

Some people find their calling when they are young. Some people decide to learn a skill and perfect it over time. Derwin Scott just wanted to hang unique art and décor in his new home and in the process, he found his calling. 

“It started about two and a half years ago. I couldn’t find any artwork that I liked to hang on the walls of my new place. There was nothing online or in any stores to match my decor. So I went to Michaels, bought my own canvas and began to experiment,” he says.

Derwin, artist and founder of DSD Paintings, began his journey as an artist as a hobby and realized quickly that he could turn it into a profession. He began to experiment with textures, paints, different styles, color and materials. His art is all self-taught through trial and error. Derwin received a lot of positive feedback online and on social media platforms. Many people felt just like he did; they wanted something different. 

“I really wanted to give people, my clients, the option to choose,” he says. “They can choose their own colors, textures and the decor that they want. My clients don’t have to deal with the same issues I went through.”

Not only does Derwin create unique, inspiring artwork to hang on your wall, he also decorates floors, furniture, cabinets, coffee tables, dining tables, headboards and more. Since he began his foray into art, his business has grown with media coverage and exposure to celebrities that have taken an interest in his work. 

“That’s the funny part. I had never been into art before I moved. I had no clue that I could do it or what would come of it. It was an opportunity that I was going for. Previously, I had worked on assembling telecommunication boards for over five years. Then, through art, I found my calling.” 

Derwin’s motto—and the name of his business—is “Doing Something Different.” He doesn’t want to be compared to other artists or conform to specific art trends. With his motto in mind, Derwin puts his clients’ vision into play. 

“The creating process alone is what makes me stand apart from other artists and designers,” he says. “I give my clients the options to choose colors, to have textures and to let them have a part in the creative process instead of just giving them what I envision without their input.”

Along with his unique choices of canvas, Derwin also incorporates the use of texture in his paintings. With rocks, sand and other materials, the artwork on the walls becomes a part of the room that you can see and touch. 

Derwin has been painting full-time for two years and has high hopes for the future. 

“It is the best decision I could have made. I hope that people see my work and see originality. I want to keep creating and marketing my brand to do something different,” he says.