Hubert May and StudioHue, LLC Bring the Clients’ Vision to Life

While enrolled in the architecture program in college Hubert May realized he was interested in more than just the exterior package. 

“I was frustrated with the fact that someone else got to finish the interior and someone else got to complete the vision,” he says. “People remember the way it makes you feel, the colors, the space, and with architecture, you only get to see the outside. I went into interior design so that I could see the full visions come to fruition.”

StudioHue, LLC was born in order to work with clients and create these finished spaces.

“Most spaces tell me what they want to be. When I walk into a space, I can feel the flow and how things are going to be laid out,” he says. “When it comes to color, the clients choose the colors they like or that they are attracted to. Some clients embrace color, and we have a discussion about things that they like. Other clients come to me with their design ideas.”

The way a renovation flows depends upon the person. Some people decide to start renovating one small space to see how it turns out. Once they see the successful results, they decide to have StudioHue renovate other rooms and spaces. Often times people are stuck on a certain room and want an expert opinion to encourage them in their own ideas.

“I have learned that my first instinct is always the best. You can always refine your ideas, but going with your original idea is the best direction,” Hubert says.

For this bright, open apartment with lofts, Hubert and StudioHue redid the entire space both up and down. 

Previously, the kitchen was walled off completely. The kitchen was then renovated entirely with high-end appliances and was opened up to maximize the space and beauty. They installed a brand-new staircase leading up to a newly built second loft library and guest area. They changed the floors, using different shades of light and dark to create depth. On the other side of the open space is another staircase that leads up to a home office. 

“There is a large arched window in the kitchen to let in a lot of light. We opened up both ends of the kitchen in order to allow the light to come from all the windows and create a lighter space,” Hubert says.

In the first loft upstairs that serves as a home office, Hubert added a window to let in natural light. The new window was made from an old distressed door the client had saved. The pantry and one of the closets used the distressed doors as well to create continuity and reuse a special item. 

“The client had distressed doors in her old apartment that she loved. We had to have someone come in and take them out. Then, the doors had to be straightened out to fit in the new space and put back together,” Hubert says.

Hubert’s passion is to work with a client to bring a vision to life. 

“As I walk away from a space, I would like to have a client who contributes and works with me in order to create the space they want to see. I like to help a client bring their vision to life in a partnership rather than forcing my design on someone else.” 

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