The Students of Holy Trinity: An Episcopal School

One school, two campuses, three divisions; Holy Trinity: An Episcopal School is an independent pre-K through eighth-grade school nestled in the greater Bowie Community for nearly 55 years. Holy Trinity in partnership with the Curry family is hosting the Wayne K. Curry Memorial Golf Classic & Wine Tasting on Sept. 28 at Oak Creek Golf Course. It will focus on raising funds for the science and technology programs to provide STEAM resources for the students.

Five students share what they love about their school. 

1. “Teachers teach me sight words and help me with reading and phonics. They teach me numbers and letters. I get to play outside and have recess.” -Kindergarten student

2. “I love the Math-in Focus and Technology. I feel safe.” -Third-grade student                                            

3. “I get a good education, and I love the enrichment classes. We have good teachers.” -Fourth-grade student

4. “I like the music and technology programs. I gain the advantage of learning at an accelerated pace in language arts. The library is well-stocked with great books.” -Sixth-grade student

5. “I have opportunities to get involved with the community and fellow peers through the Student Council, drama productions and other extra-curricular activities. I am challenged to evolve musically and strengthen my talents, and this helps me with my other classes”. -Eighth-grade student