Complementary Natural Healing

Dr. Angel Wood hopes to bring healing to patients that visit her practice through innovative and alternative healing techniques.

Dr. Wood, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  

My practice is unique in that I am not only an acupuncturist, but I am trained in Western medicine as well. I combined my medical research degree with my Eastern medicine degree to create a natural healing base.

What is the main mission of your practice?

When I get up in the morning, I want to create an environment of healing to take place in each unique patient. I have a degree in biogenetic engineering. While I was in school we talked about the physical, anatomical side of healing. I felt drawn to medicine, but I knew that there was something beyond the medical side. I wanted to study alternative healing. I felt like I was moving away from my degree, but as it turns out my first Western medical research degree has combined with my Eastern medicine degrees to bring optimal health to each patient. It was all there, but I had to be trained as a scientist first to come to where I am now.

What are some of the medical modalities that you offer in your practice?

Acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, Chinese herbal foot soak, cupping and crystal light therapy. I also offer clinical hypnotherapy and sound therapy.

What are some of the cosmetic modalities that are offered?

I can also practice facial rejuvenation, vaginal rejuvenation, semi-permanent makeup, ionic foot bath detox program and colon hydrotherapy.

Why did you choose this area for your practice?

I chose Greenbelt because it is close to Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. It is very conducive to healing.

What inspires you to continue practice innovate, alternative healing?

The body can heal naturally if people know that there are complementary or alternative healing methods that have fewer side effects.

What is the most important thing that patients should consider when coming to your practice for the first time?

When you first come in here, it is important to have an open mindset and give yourself permission to receive the healing. It helps when people come in with that open mind and allow themselves to be healed.

What is your favorite thing about helping your patients?

The best thing for me is when I see the light come back into my patients’ eyes after treatment, and the pain goes away. I know that I have done my job. That is the most beautiful thing, and nothing else beats that moment.

What would you like the members of this community to know about you?

I am a complementary modality. I would like for members of the community to know that I work well with other medical practitioners. I am very original and down-to-earth. I offer compassion and understanding while healing. I always desire to connect with my patients and relate to all people.